Secure Your Property and Belongings

We can service your safe if you need to open or crack the device after losing the entry code or key.

There are many reasons to own a safe. Whether you need to store various important documents, expensive or family jewelry, firearms, or virtually any priceless possessions, we have the right safe for you. Keeping your valuables safe and secure in a high-quality safe is very important. Don't settle for a safe that is poor quality.

We Offer Safes of all shapes and sizes to fit your every need from in-wall, above ground, fire rated, gun or drop style deposit safes

Are you locked out of your safe? Forgotten combination? We can help.

We are able to repair, maintain, service, and open safes of all sizes. We can even change combinations.

If you have problems in opening your safes at home or business, then you need to contact us.  Vernon Lock & Security Solutions take pride in providing non-destructive safe opening services whenever possible. These include picking of the key locks and manipulation of safe combination locks. With us, most safes can be opened and brought back their original conditions. We also repair and open safes

Our skilled professional locksmiths use only the best safe-opening tools and knowledge to get you into your combination or key safe lock.