Security Surveillance

Keep an Eye on Your Home and Workplace

We can help secure your home or business with an IP Security Camera System.

Properties without security cameras are vulnerable to theft, vandalism, and other crimes. Rely on Vernon Lock & Security Solutions for products that can deter wrongdoers from targeting your house or building. We offer a complete range of video surveillance solutions for residential and commercial use.

Whether you need a simple nanny cam or a complex surveillance system, count on us to provide the right type of security camera that meets your requirements. Our team is also trained to install these devices for you! Our products are backed up by tech support, which means you don’t have to troubleshoot problems on your own.

Why Install Security Cameras?

Surveillance cameras are great deterrents for thieves and vandals

There are great reasons for installing an IP Security Camera System in your home or business. The most obvious is monitoring from any remote location. In the unfortunate event, you have a break-in, you will have a video recording of exactly what happened with a date and time stamp. This evidence can help with your insurance claim and any police investigation. Another advantage is that your system can work with your alarm system. You can designate certain areas to alert you if there is any motion and record it for later viewing. With the right system, you can be in complete control of your security.

Vernon Lock and Security can help you build the right Security Camera System that is custom tailored to your needs and budget.